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On Monday, September 20, Solana-based oracle provider Pyth Network showed the aggregate price for the BTC/USD pair to be below $40,000. The lowest price reported by the oracle network was just $5,400 with a confidence interval of just over $21,600 for a single slot.

The massive difference between the average market price for BTC/USD and Pyth’s reported price caused a significant amount of liquidations on the market, wiping out as much as 12% from Bitcoin’s price in a single day.

What happened on Pyth?

The Pyth Network acknowledged the incident several hours after it happened, noting that its engineers were investigating the issue and…

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has supported AMC’s plan to accept joke cryptocurrency Dogecoin.

As reported by U.Today, CEO Adam Aron has run a poll to find out whether Twitteratis want the number one cinema chain in the U.S. to add the meme cryptocurrency as a payment option.

Here we go!!! #dogecoin #AMC @elonmusk #TESLA pic.twitter.com/rsSH8TubJ0

— DrewHill (@BeefDrew_) September 22, 2021

As of 4:04 a.m. UTC, 96,242 votes have been cast, with 71.6% of users getting behind the idea.

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus urged his followers to not just vote on the poll but also to like Aron’s tweet in…

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In brief

  • Suex, a cryptocurrency exchange that primarily operates out of Russia, has been sanctioned by the United States Treasury.
  • The exchange is accused of processing transactions for ransomware attackers.

Russian cryptocurrency exchange Suex has been sanctioned by the United States Treasury for allegedly facilitating transactions for ransomware attackers — estimated at more than $160 million worth of Bitcoin. Today’s move makes Suex the first crypto exchange to be designated as such by the government agency.

The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) alleges that the exchange aided in transacting funds obtained through illicit means, including transactions linked to at least…

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Editor’s note: A Monday morning press release that bore Walmart’s logo and corporate headquarters turned out to be fake, Walmart announced. Decrypt was among a number of media outlets that published the news. Our story was quickly amended.

A press release from what appeared to be Walmart announced that the giant retailer would be accepting Litecoin for payment. Coverage of the news drove Litecoin’s price 34.6%, until Walmart announced that the press release was fake.

The apparent pump and dump scheme began last month after the email domain included with the press release was registered.

A spokesperson from Walmart told

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In brief

  • Solana is returning to full functionality after being forced offline Tuesday.
  • Network validators restarted Solana in the early hours of Wednesday.

Rising blockchain network Solana hit a roadblock on Tuesday when the network shut down due to overwhelming transaction volumes. Solana was ultimately offline for nearly 18 hours before validators were able to successfully restart the decentralized network, but coming back online and resuming block production isn’t as simple as flicking a switch.

“Dapps, block explorers, and supporting systems will recover over the next several hours, at which point full functionality should be restored,” the official Solana Status Twitter account…

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Nearly 300,000 Ethereum — worth over $1 billion at today’s prices — have been burned since the launch of the “London” upgrade, also known as EIP-1559, in early August.

According to Ethereum metrics website Watch the Burn, a total of 298,000 ETH has been taken out of circulation since August 5. At the time of writing, the number two cryptocurrency was trading at around $3,432, per CoinGecko, so that’s $1.022 billion worth of tokens destroyed in less than six weeks.

At press time, around 5 Ethereum — worth just over $17,000 — are being burned every minute.

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Much excitement surrounded last month’s Ethereum London hard fork, and rightly so. It was a big step towards ushering in a new era for the world’s biggest blockchain, and investors were not disappointed. Even as the recent crash delivered a huge blow, its native token Ether climbed 13.7% over the past month. In August, however, returns were 35%, a recent report found.

In its August report, cryptocurrency exchange Kraken also noted that Ether’s supply on centralized exchanges fell to a three-year low of 12.8% at the beginning of the month. This indicated that its immediate marketable supply was dwindling. …

The labor pains associated with Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador have been rough: Protests in the streets, critics arrested by police without charge, rebuke from international organizations, and a state of national uncertainty have set the tone over the last 90 days — ever since President Nayib Bukele set the country down this path.

But now that Bitcoin is officially legal tender in El Salvador, the first few hours of the experiment’s life have not been pleasant either — starting with the market’s apparent reaction to today’s launch.

Bukele last night announced the purchase of 200 Bitcoin (worth…

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