How to register a Bitop account and trade to earn 10 USDT reward

  1. Go to Bitop application on an android or iOS device, click on “Mine”, and click on the “Login/Register” button in the upper left corner.

2. After registration, please log in and click on “Mine”. The number at the top left-hand corner is your UID.

How to perform KYC identity verification

  1. Click on “Mine” and look for your UID.

2. Click on the avatar, and click on “KYC”.

Two levels of KYC:

-Basic certification.

• Wallet withdrawal + OTC withdrawal, daily withdrawal limit of 200USDT.

• Require user’s real name.

• Require user’s country ID card details.

- Advanced verification (Please complete the advanced certification in order to claim the USDT reward)

• Wallet withdrawal + OTC withdrawal, there is no daily withdrawal limit.

• Become an agent and enable the function of agent orders.

• Photos of the front and back of the ID.

• Hand- hold of ID card.

Click on “Go to verify“” and provide your details accordingly.

It is necessary to complete the basic verification first before proceeding to advanced verification.

How to invite friends (3 USDT reward)

  1. Log in to your account, click on “Mine” and then click on “Referral”.

2. When you come to this page, click on “Invitation Link”

3. Your invitation link will then be displayed. You can click on “Copy” and send the link to your friends.

How to complete a real trade (6 USDT reward)

1. First make sure that there are enough USDT in your account, and then click on “Trade”.

2. Transfer USDT from cash account to margin account as margin (margin account needs to accumulate to 299USDT in value).

3. You can choose “Buy” or “Sell”.


1. If there is any cheating behavior such as false registration, registration of multiple accounts, Bitop platform will strictly review and disqualify the user from the event rewards.

2. Bitop reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this event for any reason at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice.

3. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Bitop.

If you have any questions or encounter issues, please leave us a message in our Telegram group.

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Alternatively, you may also reach us by contacting our online support center for help in the app or on our website.

Thank you!

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